About Brnopolis

Brnopolis ideas lab brings together creative professionals who wish to offer their experience and contacts to help promote the development of Brno as an international city. Non-profit and apolitical, its activities originally included providing a forum for exchanging opinions and experience on its weblog and running informal OpenCoffee meetings, similar to those that take place in hundreds of cities around the world.

Brnopolis was selected among 7 of 80 projects to be presented at the Forum for Creative Europe in Brussels. Since 2010 it has been running the Brno Expat Centre and hosting the TEDxBrno conferences, a part of the international network of 1000+ TED-related events held globally - now both with their own websites.

Our objectives
  • Enhancing Brno’s attractiveness for creative individuals and organizations
  • Building and running the infrastructure for supporting foreign professionals in Brno
  • Acting as a regional think tank/network
Overview of Brnopolis’s main activities
  • Founding and operating the Brno Expat Centre (since 2010)
  • Organizing the TEDxBrno conferences (since 2010)
  • Organizing 14+ OpenCoffee meetings focused on the ICT business, collaboration in research and development, street culture, online media, visions for Brno(2008-2011)
  • Publishing about 400 articles in English and Czech on its blog, especially the series of interviews What expats say and Brno people abroad
  • Running social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn (since 2007)
  • Appointing an independent jury for the Brno Achievement of the Year contest (2008/09)
  • Organizing a photo competition for local expats as well as the follow-up exhibition (2010)
Brnopolis Board
Chairman: Don Sparling
Board members: Roman Schwanzer, Jan Kopkáš

Brnopolis z.s.
BEC, Orlí 3, 60200 Brno
Czech Republic
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