24. 9. 2009

Join us for 9th Brnopolis OpenCoffee, Sep 30

Would you be interested to find new business partners or exchange ideas about your city international development? What are the main barriers preventing you to build business relationships across borders or participate in international projects?

Would you appreciate to meet like minded people sharing your interest? Join us at another informal Brnopolis OpenCoffee meeting to discuss what Brno needs for more frequent cooperation with foreign partners and what services can be provided in the International center (whatever it means for you now). Updated 6.10. 9:00

This time we invited influencers involved in the topics above. We expect representatives of the City Council (and other public responsible institutions), of international companies and also expatriates living in Brno.

If you have something to say or just want to get more info about our photo contest for expats join us for informal breakfast with no badges and no presentations. We pay your coffee or tea, croissant or strudel - on Wednesday, September 30th from 9am in Ventana Cafe, Božetěchova 2 (formerly called "Kartuzi" - a part of the Kartuzian monastery where VUT FIT is currently situated).

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3 komentáře:

Richard Lank řekl(a)...

I liked the Open Coffee today discussing barriers in cooperation with foreign partners in Brno. As many interesting people said many interesting thoughts there I’m trying to point out some of topics and encourage the others to do the same. Thanks.

Who promotes Brno the best? The people who lives in: Brno enjoyed its best years when it was open town. Why are Brno natives full of skepticism about the Brno? It’s wonderful place to live in. And they should change their mentality to promote Brno this way.

Lack of volunteer events: There is lack of volunteer events in Brno. Do not forget Pensioners! They represent unutilized pool of voluntary based effort. After care for our expats is one of many ways how to use this “bottomless” resource

Shall be expat aftercare centralized in some “international house” or not? There are several institutions declaring help for foreigners in Brno. Are they coordinated somehow? Not much, I am afraid. Probably we lose effort because of overlapped activities overlap each other.

Few points to think about
1. One start point would help in basic orientation. Short and easy-readable Guidebook/webpage is necessary

2. Foreigners are far to be homogenous group of course. Each institution shall clearly declare the target group to focus on and the services provided

3. Who is expat? Somebody who plans to live for 5 years in Brno because of business or somebody whose intention is to start a complete new life and career here?

4. Language barriers: To buy a bread and milk still might be an adventure for foreigner in Brno. Or understand our public transportation system.

Last for today but not least: Faculty of Management seeks external lecturers for various studying programs. Another way how to involve creative expats?

Vlastimil Veselý řekl(a)...

Thanks, Richard, for the excellent summary! And thanks to all for coming. Your ideas and proposals for the next meetings are welcomed here.

Who is an expatriate? I think there is no strict definition in terms of the years spent in the place. All the foreigners coming to Brno to live & work in creative professions & care about the place are the target group we focus on here. And all those will be welcome on the Brnopolis meeting to be held in the beginning of December.

Vlastimil Veselý řekl(a)...

Lenka Cizkova of MF Dnes published an interesting article (in Czech) about our meeting yesterday quoting for example Don Sparling and Richard Lank. It's just a pity there is no explanation how OpenCoffee meetings work around the world and that anybody having something to say can attend.

Do you remember the time two years ago? Who was introducing the issue of Brno creative expats in the public agenda and who was doing someting about it :) Can be found in our weblog archive in the right column...