16. 3. 2009

What expats in Brno say: Balanced size

Marine Tunyan was born in Armenia, City of Yerevan. For the last 9 years she has experienced living, studying and working in different countries: Finland (Helsinki and Jyvaskyla), Russia (Moscow) and currently in the Czech Republic (Brno). Marine has been working for Infosys since 2005. She is a Financial Analyst and also very interested in Intercultural Communication and Cultures.

Why have you chosen to work in Brno?

Five month before I moved to Brno, I had visited Prague as a tourist. It was in summer and it was a very pleasant and enjoyable trip. But I did not have any plans to move to the Czech Republic. After graduating my studies in Finland, one of the job offers I received was from Infosys branch in Brno. Although I visited Czech Republic before, I have not been to Brno. My Slovakian friend gave me really positive information about Brno town. And so I am here in Brno for more than 4 years already.

Do you know any good practices or experience from living abroad which could be used in Brno, too?

In Helsinki there was one Cultural center organizing different activities for foreigners. The Center set some exhibitions, offered different type of courses and presentations of different nations. It was the place where foreigners could meet each other and learn about different cultures living in the same country.

Could you mention some advantages which Brno has in comparison with other places you have lived before?

I would like to mention a few advantages of Brno. First, the geographical position of town, while living in Brno it is not difficult to get away from town, it can be either trip to nature for relaxation or visiting the countries around. It is very easy to arrange a weekend trip and experience new country (Poland, Austria, Germany, Hungary, etc).

Balanced size of Brno is another really big advantage of the town. There is no more such feeling as wasting time on traffic jam; it is possible to do many things in one day. Brno is small town but at the same time offers everything which person needs.

In Brno you can enjoy a lot of small things, such as just a cup of coffee and good food in restaurant. Even with no high salary the person in Brno can enjoy quality of life much more than for example in Helsinki, where you spend 10EUR for a cup of coffee and piece of cake.

What are your favorite places in Brno that you would recommend for a visit?

I like very much cinema Art which offers different type of movies. You can watch very meaningful movies from various countries. Also Fleda is the cultural place with interesting events. The great experience for me was skating on the Brno dam (I still remember winter which was cold enough and there was still water in Brno dam).

Brno small cafeterias are very attractive with their quite atmosphere, where you can sit and read a book. Folk festivals happening from spring till autumn make Brno town full of life, music and artistic feeling.

What would you like to have in Brno?

I think there should be more awareness among Brno local people about foreigners living in Brno. This awarenes will decrease a fear of local people about foreigners and foreign languages. Taking into account that proportion of foreigners living in Brno is increasing this awareness becomes more important.
There are many theaters in Brno, but it is difficult to find any performance in English.

I would like to see streets of Brno center with more life during weekends. I think the city center does not offer much to the citizens of Brno who stay during weekend .
Possibility to have more flights to different destinations directly from Brno airport.

To be able to buy fresh vegetables and fruits in the vegetable market (zeleny trh), especially working hours and at weekends. Unfortunately Zelny trh closes too early.

Describe Brno in 5 short words:

Harmony, Culturally rich, Affordable, Connected to other countries,Pleasant place to live

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