17. 9. 2009

Survival Guide for expats

The expats.cz website offered a new version of Survival Guide & Business Directory 2010 for expats living in the Czech Republic. Although the publication with 200 pages (and plenty of ads) is focused on Prague you can find there general useful advices about living, travelling, education and doing business in the country. updated 21.9. 10:00

If you need to know how to use the Czech post office, find a babysitter or a flat, how to visit Czech neighbours or even get married – take a look at Survival Guide webpage and find a distribution place where you can get the guide for free. UPDATE (Distribution locations are only in Prague for the rest of republic you can buy the guide via PayPal for 15EUR here).

Expats and English speaking foreigners in South Moravia can benefit from the seventh edition of the local Survival kit (available online). It is more focused on investors and businessmen and helps them with their first steps in doing business in Brno.

Have you ever used this kit? Do you know other useful information sources of this kind?

3 komentáře:

Anonymní řekl(a)...

I just cannot find any information how to get this guide on that webpage. Does someone know?

Petr Marčišák řekl(a)...

Thank you for your question. I added informations to the article -
The guide you find on 450 locations in Prague for free but if you're not Praguer you have to but it for 15EUR via PayPal - http://www.expats.cz/prague/buyguide or go to Prague :)

Expats.cz řekl(a)...

One of our distribution points is HSBC Premier Center - Namesti Svobody, Brno. You may get it there for free.
For further information don't hesitate to contact premek@expats.cz or veronika@expats.cz
Hope you like it!