4. 11. 2009

Photos tasting: send your pictures by Dec 31

Here is the first tasting of photos sent to our Photo contest for expats living or studying in Brno. As the deadline for sending pictures is approaching (November 15) don't be shy and share your camera views to Brno with the others. We don't expect professional works and will appreciate any original photos relevant to our city. Updated 20.11. 11:00

Deadline postponed until December 31, 2009

1) “Luzanecky Park” by Khomaini Hasan
2) “Between East and West” - Brno Main Station by Frank van Bommel

3) Photo from a short series "Zidenice" by Peter Mulder
4) “Beer” - That´s how is life in student dormitory of Mendel University by Elina Mark

5) “This Jewish Cementary” in Zidenice by Kristina Wermes
6) “Tramvaj/salina number 3” in Stará Osada by Kristina Wermes

Check the rules here and send your photos to photo@brnopolis.eu.

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Anonymní řekl(a)...

This is awesome!!

The Czech Daily Word řekl(a)...

I love the streetcar... WOW!!