19. 1. 2009

What is the move of the last year in Brno?

Brnopolis is looking for an original move, event or action that contributed most to the city attractiveness for people in creative professions in 2008. It might happen in culture, gastronomy, business, science, media, public administration, sport or other activities. Do you remember such a performance, a lecture or a visit, an exhibition, opening a new shop, founding a new organisation, TV or radio programme? You will certainly find other possibilities.

And further - what individuals or organisations would you award for their long term benefit? This is not related to the last year only and examples can include people behind theatres, galleries, restaurants or cafes, playgrounds, bookshops or publishing houses. You can also choose someone from intermediaries, schools or NGOs, even private companies or public authorities. What or who has been keeping the high level reputation for years and supporting creative communities development in Brno?

This is not supposed to be another of so many awards highlighting every shout we do. Not another poll for everybody celebrating the most popular ones with a posh ceremony guided by a jolly moderator.

The final result is not the most important. That's rather the nominations themselves and a few words providing the argumenent (perhaps even more important). That is why we turn to you and hope to receive some in comments. Nominations from you, your colleagues or friends are welcome here by February 6 11th.

Your suggestions will be appreciated by the jury (over 30 names to be published here soon) that will select then the winners. Those of you with the most interesting nominations will be invited (do not forget to leave a contact) to the meeting and discussion with the winners.

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