31. 5. 2010

Being Expat the Kid: Family Points in Brno

Family Points - places where parents can feed their children or change their nappies undisturbed - can be found in almost thirty locations in Brno and towns in South Moravia. They're there to serve parents with small children who run into problems when they're in town. The service is free of charge.

The web pages created as part of the project are also useful. At www.familypoint.cz, in addition to finding information about the project and the current list of Family Points in Brno and its environs, you can also make use of the internet advisory service and other useful links (though probably only with the help of a Czech-speaker).

The project is designed for more than just families with children. Childless couples and families with seniors are also part of the target audience. Couples wanting to have children can find information on family planning and foster parenting here. For seniors there are tips on how to spend their free time, get involved in lifelong learning, find out about cultural opportunities, benefit from physical exercises and take part in other activities.

Donald Sparling

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