16. 6. 2010

Brnopolis expats meeting opened the way for setting up the international club

The Brnopolis expats meeting held on Thursday, June 10, was the very first event in Brno of its size bringing together expats from creative professions and the representatives of the local institutions related to foreign professionals.

The informal meeting also marked the opening of the Brnopolis photo exhibition Brno through the eyes of expats and awarded the contest winners. The exhibition supported by the City of Brno and Infosys BPO will be opened until July 2nd. Check it out.

Eighty attendees of various creative professions and over twenty nationalities had a chance to network and taste Moravian wine in the atrium of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Masaryk University. The Brno City Guides and South Moravian Survival Kits (published by the RRAJM agency) were available free.

Don Sparling guided us through the short programme presenting the Brnopolis proposal of the international club services, sharing experience of international companies in Brno and interviewing Rostislav Košťál, the artistic photographer and the photo jury member.

The first deputy of the City Mayor, Dr. Daniel Rychnovský, described the proposed club as "a good starting point for the newcomers, as well as an advisory point for placed foreigners". Brnopolis is ready to start in autumn. Now it's the politicians' turn.

Photos by Zdeněk Kolařík, Eva Staňková and Roman Schwanzer

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