4. 6. 2010

Theatre World Brno, International Festival, June 11-19

Soon Brno will experience a great celebration of local and international scenic arts of every possible kinds including street artists, concerts, drama experiments and “high-brow” stagings of classical theatre. Festival happenings will be framed by popular street carnival-like happenings Jugglers´ Night (Friday, June 11) and Festival of Masks (Saturday, June 12). During the week there will be a rich programme of Czech artists and also about 25 theatre performances of foreign interprets from Europe as well as overseas.

My favourite is Phaidra Fitness by KoMa and Alka T. Company from Budapest. It is an almost direct interpretation of classical Greek drama, with a small deviation: it is staged in a functioning fitness centre and set into the present time (Check Sunday June 13 in Star Trac Health Club in Spilberk Office Centre).

If you prefer “classics” anyway, check for example Tenessee Williams´ Streetcar Named Desire (University of Florida´s Theatre and Dance School in HaDivadlo on Friday, June 18). You can also chill-out at several concerts (e.g. legendary Plastic People of the Universe will play on Sunday June 13 at the Old Town Hall) or just enjoy jugglers´s arts somewhere in a park (there is rich outdoors programme at Špilberk, as well as in the town centre).

There is really a lot to choose from for every kind of taste. Entrance tickets can be purchased electronically at the festival website or simply at box-offices of Brno Cultural Centre (Běhounská 17) and the co-organising theatres.

Mirka Ľachká

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