2. 11. 2007

A piece of inspiration for Brno

Just a tiny post in English as I was going through my daily news digest this morning. I was hooked up with a very special event taking place in Prague. Head to Enter3 and read about 3rd international festival that "experiments with new technologies at borders with science".

To make a long story short: what is Brno waiting for?

2 komentáře:

Adam Zbiejczuk řekl(a)...

well, I believe brno zoom festival (too bad the site is not online anymore) was really an interesting attempt in this field. with much smaller budget we managed to bring to brno some really interesting projects and people. too bad, that due to financial / organisational issues the result wasn't as good as it could be. but we will have newnew festival soon - and i really do appreciate not only the programme, but also the ways of promoting (myspace, last.fm etc). so i would like to invite everybody interested in really contemporary music and design - do not miss newnew!

Vlastimil Veselý řekl(a)...

Mixing technology and culture is far from being the mainstream although Brno as a university center could be an ideal place for this effort. Our Innovation & Inspiration, Intelligence & Instinct events serie also try to go this direction and bring together people from the both sides. We could list other events at Brnopolis.
BTW I'd love to see a food festival here. I guess it would attract both artists as technologists :) The question is who would be the Brno Maurer...