19. 5. 2009

Read about Brno in English

Do you miss Brno focused news in English? Don't feel lost, there is a few websites taking you under the surface of the official information. That is why it is worth reading them also for us, the Czechs.

Petr Bokůvka, a journalist and translator with professional experience in daily newspaper, TV and radio started his Czech Daily Word in July 2007. Some texts look at our country in general (see Three things we could learn from Americans or Eight symbols of America that did not catch on in CZ), some are focused on Brno where he lives (for example about industrial architecture or the lake/reservoir). There is one more thing to enjoy here - his photos.

I discovered Michal Kašpárek through his personal blog about five years ago. Meanwhile he was receiving professional experience and showing his talent in the content published by several periodicals. No big surprise he is the one who launched BrnoNow in November 2008. It includes practical guides for Erasmus students and other expats in Brno. I appreciate his style and cultural insight. Check for example 5 big (and silly) problems of Brno or his Shopping guide. Joggers and bikers may find useful his selection of the Brno running trails and cycling paths.

More recently we met with Joe Atkinson, an Englishman who got married a Czech wife. After years in Prague he came back to Brno and co-founded (with Gary M. Vasey of Texas, USA) the BrnoExpats Forum in 2008. The ambitious website run by G&G Group provides interesting articles, a service directory, useful links and classified ads focused on the expats' life in Brno.

Also, don't forget Brnopolis. We don't produce general news, but if you are interested in the city strategy development, if you are engaged in international activites in the field of business, research or culture, then become a part of our creative professionals community and meet like-minded people changing Brno. Get connected.

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