18. 6. 2009

What expats in Brno say: Ratnesh Mathur

There are also three expats standing behind Brnopolis and helping us in the Brnopolis board. You might meet them many times at our events and if you did I'm sure you enjoyed their valuable insight based on personal experience from different places around the world. Petr and me took a videocamera and visited them in their offices. All they were answering the question of what Brnopolis means for them. This time we start with Ratnesh Mathur.

Ratnesh came to Brno from India five years ago with a mission to set up Infosys's Europe BPO business here. In 2008 he moved out of the position of general manager looking after 400 employees (and more in Lodz) of 20+ nationalities. Now Ratnesh lives in Brno with his wife and works as a management consultant & outsourcing advisor.

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