6. 4. 2010

Photo contest for Brno expats: the winners

The photo contest for Brno expats has come to its finale: the jury has picked two winning pictures, made by Maja Pečar and Dušan Šimonovič.

The winning photos will be displayed along with other finalist pictures on an exhibition in early June. We are still discussing about the place and exact time. Keep following Brnopolis for more details!

We asked the winners several questions - let's see the answers (and photos, of course).

Maja Pečar (Slovenia, 24)

Maja is from Prešnica, a small small village near Koper, a city near the sea. She was in Brno for three months and a half (September 2009 - January 2010) as an Erasmus student. She studies pedagogic mathematics and physics at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana.

What are your favorite topics?

I enjoy photo-shooting almost everything, it's a great hobby. But I realize that I'm mostly shooting concerts, new places, my friends and family and others events that I take part in.

What is your favorite place in Brno?

I liked Brno from the very first moment I was there. It has something that makes me fell homely. I actually don't have a favorite place in Brno. But I really like the city center, the park around Špilberk castle and Kravi hora.

Note: Maja is the author of the photo in the headline of this article.

Dušan Šimonovič (Slovakia, 26)

Dušan is from Nová Dubnica and he has been living in Brno since 2002. "My favorite answer to the question about my profession is that my work is about creating values. While still true, it's not really that accurate these days when my day job is centered around online marketing, copy writing and digital PR." For details, check out Dušan's online CV.

What are your favorite topics?

It's probably better to say, what I don't shoot - macro and landscape/wildlife. While I'am not really into photo trips I take pictures of world around me, mostly on, before and after events, trips and vacations. (Dušan has an online gallery, too.)

What is your very favorite place in Brno?

Probably my current neighborhood (Žabovřesky district) and Kraví hora surroundings.

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