9. 2. 2009

Nominating the move of the year (16)

Ratnesh Mathur is an Indian who has been living in Brno for a couple of years. He established the Infosys office here and led its growth. His experience allows him to compare the quality of life in Brno with other cities worldwide.

For the move of the year his nominations are

Literary Festival
The Canadian writers who visited Brno over 2 weeks in 2008 summer, brought new ideas & new cultures/languages, to the city. The reading sessions at the theater & other book events associated around it, were welcomed by the local art/literary circles & all english/ french speakers in the city.

Motorcycles & Cars Grand Prix
The growing fan-club of the motosport & the Grand Prix races, mostly includes people from business, who take inspiration from a high technology, action-packed sport. Brno was one of the pioneering cities of the original Grand Prix circuit. It has successfully kept alive its link with the city thru the prestigious F1 - something which large cities like Singapore & Dubai, have only just entered in 2008.

International Carpets Show at Spielberk castle
Carpets were the first works of art, traded across the world , leading to creation of the famous silk route. A small but elegant display of Caucasian, Turkish, Persian, Indian, Afghan & french hand-made carpets, were put up on display in a recently renovated part of the Spielberk castle. Many of these carpets were part of the Prague castle collection. An inspiring collection of these old trades, for today's new businesses.

Key organisations / people / places supporting the city attractiveness for creative class workers...

Zelny Trh
Brno's unique selling point to tourists, is its old vegetables/flowers/fruits market place, Zelny Trh. This 500+ year old market place is a unique gem that preserves the best practices of old times & competes well with the many shopping malls around it.

For promoting new artists & discovering Glen Hansard, Marketa Inglova & the Frames band, before they got global attention with the "Once" movie soundtrack.

Student Agency
For cutting the distance between Brno & the three country capitals around it, for all the university students & the working class people of Brno. Also, for addressing the essential language needs & worl-class customer service, for global travel today.

RRAJM & CzechInvest
For helping attract new investments to Brno & creating new service class creative jobs through right investments. RRAJM also assists international workers in Brno through the publishing of an outstanding annual book titled - Survival Kit for South Moravia.

City Public Transport
Trams, Buses, Train-Stations, Autobus Stations - The city has a commendable infrastructure for a population of 350,000+ people. Regardless of the weather - extreme summer or winter, the public infrastructure is timely, safe & efficient.

City Urban Planning/Design
The historical city centrum with its gothic architecture from the renaissance period & then the bauhaus phase co-exist & are well preserved by the current city planners in their city modernisation plans.

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