11. 2. 2009

Nominating the move of the year (19)

Much as change of Brno since I arrived to the city in 1991. This is not always so visible to me as much as it is to my close friends and family from abroad that visit the city every few years. Becoming an adopted Brnak has been on of the greatest things in my life and if I can contribute in one way is that I have had the opportunity to live in many cities.

So my nominations for the move of the last year are...

Noc vědců
Brno had the largest number of visitors for this event in the country last year. Science is an important ally to fight poverty, ignorance and disease. To keep with technological and social challenges of today, activities like this contribute to the development of a new generation of creative Brnaky.

How multicultural is Brno? How tolerant is our city? Babylofest is the response of a city that wants to change and its people expect to see in their streets expressions from various corners of our planet, a live expression that Brno belongs to the world.

Kabinet Havel - Úsvit v Čechách
Very ambitious but timely project, the contemporary crisis of values sets each society the difficult task to find itself, its role and future in today's global challenges. Czechs in Brno are not afraid to look at themselves in the mirror and open the kimono to share their views.

Key organizations / people / places supporting the city attractiveness for creative people:

Větrné mlýny

Their Měsíc autorského čtení is a remarkable achievement for a city where visitors complain about its absence of English language support for the casual visitor. We certainly need to work on the basics of our city, but in its heart, Brno has remarkable people that make possible such a relevant event as this one.

Muzeum romské kultury

This is an admirable initiative. Still a lot of work need to be accomplished to free completely our society from fears and prejudices, this museum is an important landmark in this process and I am so happy it is our city housing it.

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